Ticking outside the box for PCI/DSS compliance


C-O-M-P-L-I-A-N-C-E. What a big, ugly word. A necessary evil for some, and overwhelming for most.


Precious time, effort, and most importantly, money are often ploughed into the ever-fertile field of “compliance consulting”. It can cost a fortune to get a certified “know-it-all” in, just to go through your dirty laundry and tick a box on your behalf.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is an easier, more efficient, and cool way to be compliant.

Jared van Ast, 10dot MD, maintains that, “10dot believes in cool security tech that simplifies life and adds real value”.10dot offers a custom designed network security dashboard with one compliance objective: routine maintenance made easy.


Security compliance in practice

10dot recently assisted a client with securing a successful PCI audit. They had acquired a customer that required PCI certification, and the deadlines were extremely tight if they hoped to protect this new asset and start leveraging the investment early-on.


“Part of 10dot’s focus involved a firewall cleanup and hardening exercise aimed at refurbishing the firewalls to be in-line with PCI prerequisites”, states Donovan Strapp, 10dot Technical Director. “The output needed to leave the overall perimeter security layer compliant to this very stringent standard”.


10dot’s Gatekeeper Security Manager tool

10dot also deployed its Gatekeeper dashboard tool, which has a nifty Audit feature that allows you granular insight into the firewall configuration and rule base, from the palm of your hand.

“It’ll even give you a useful posture rating benchmarked against vendor and 10dot best practice, so you can track how well your firewall is set up, and see where the gaps are in the rule and policy base”, states Jared.


“Why spend tens of thousands of Rand for a rush-job, when you can pay R800 a month for simplified compliance maintenance?”


This is one of the major advantages of the 10dot Gatekeeper tool. No more 300 page reports. No more block-booked boardrooms with stale doughnuts and sour coffee. No more hefty consulting bills for time and materials.


“With the 10dot Gatekeeper tool you can manage and maintain firewall compliance and performance, and loosen-up those tick-box deadlines. Easy-peezy.” Concludes Jared.