March 30, 2021

#HackProof your Network with Cyber Security as-a-Service, at-your-service

The age of the ‘as-a-service’ (-aaS) acronym is here. Gone are the days of having to get a heavy CAPEX budget approved by the bean counters upstairs. Goodbye long-winded SLA’s. Adios crystal ball-testing, long-term contracts.

Now you can relax and enjoy tap-like service consumption models… easy-on, and easy-off. The beauty of the cloud.

Late 2016 we endured a bit of hoohaa about ‘Firewall-as-a-Service’ product and business models. The basic premise: Dictating the use of a shared firewall managed by a service provider who supposedly knows what they are doing.

This concept is yesteryear’s prototype, based on old-fashioned thinking about cyber security and how we need to protect our data assets in this day and age.

Effective cyber protection today is more about leveraging a cyber security technology mix, rather than deploying a singular silver-bullet. But where do we start? What tools do we use? How do we attempt to exploit the maximum business benefit from cyber security?

Well, we start with an integrated approach – carefully selecting the most relevant cyber tools on the market, and deploying them in tandem. Next, we hard-code a seamless user-x so that one can extract the value from all this tech working together.

Up until now, although the cyber security tech scene is rich with options, being able to extract business value out of disparate tools is difficult.

At 10dot, our Skunkworx division is currently finalising a fully integrated cyber security toolset we like to call Gatekeeper Vault. This feature-rich cyber security platform can be deployed into any private, public or hybrid cloud environment. If you’re a service provider, you can carve-up a larger version of the entire platform, and provide your clients with shared ‘cyber security-as-a-service’ instances.

Enter the age of Cyber Security as-a-Service (CSaaS)
Gatekeeper Vault brings together a range of specialised cyber security tools into one user experience. It enables you to employ specialised cyber security technology ‘as-a-service’, and protect your data assets from the edge to the core, and back again.

‘Prevent, detect, and protect your public, private, and hybrid cloud networks from all cyber threats with the 10dot Gatekeeper Vault.’

Gatekeeper Vault exploits effective perimeter protection with a packet filter firewall and intrusion prevention engine. You can protect your application assets with a built-in web application firewall. You can even detect network-wide risks through the integrated vulnerability scanner and honeypot decoy functionality.

All this is made manageable and possible through our proprietary Gatekeeper Security Manager. This feature-rich platform does all the heavy-lifting and integration work across the security toolset, whilst presenting a clean and user-friendly front-end dashboard view.

“This means that you can now consume highly technical, and previously disparate security information from the palm of your hand.”

The Gatekeeper SOCC feature set enables you to monitor appliance health, run configuration audits, crack the whip on network abusers, and plug any holes presenting risk to your overall WAN and LAN integrity.

Cyber Security as-a-service – At your service
Now you can employ a complete cyber security solution at the tick of a box, and enjoy seamless threat detection, prevention and protection across your cloudscape.

Give us a shout today, and reserve your own Gatekeeper Vault at once-off launch prices.

Enter the dawn of a new age – Cyber Security as-a-Service.