March 30, 2021

#HackProof your business: Kick Dogma to the Curb

We live in the age of enlightenment. Our level of access to information is unprecedented. We have so much information at our fingertips, that we consciously have to filter-out misinformation like ‘fake news’…

So there should be no excuse for herd mentality, or to accept the status quo “Just because that’s how we have all done it for ages”. We are informed enough to make our own decisions in business. And with cloud tech driving mass-disruption, we can afford to take mitigated risks and ‘go it our own way’.

In the world of cyber security one has to question everything. From outlook to introspection. From strategy down to tactics. From tools and technique through to policy. Gone are the days of accepting the status quo and placing trust in a service provider just because “We’ve always used them, and so they must know what they are doing”.

We also need to stop thinking in isolation.

It is time to take control and hold ourselves accountable. But this is easier said than done. We need the right tools, the right advice, relevant case studies, and the opinion of our colleagues.

We need to accept that our organisation’s destiny is linked to that of our competitors, suppliers, service providers, and clients. To our people. We must view our reality as an ecosystem, where every element can succeed, or be exploited and suffer collectively. Just look at how the CIA is rumoured to hack personal phones and TV’s, and remember how intertwined our smartphones are with our personal and professional lives – One element in our system(s) that permeates everything we do:

Our survival is intrinsically linked to that of our nearest and farthest ‘partner’, as they are in turn, dependent on us. As business owners we need to take accountability for our own actions as we have a responsibility not only to our own bottom-line, but to that of the entire system.
We need to change our mindset and approach to effective cyber security practice and management.

That’s what it’s all about nowadays: value-chain delivery – The seamless integration of cyber security elements into one intuitive, managed service. It’s the drawstring that marries strategy with execution, and allows us to leverage all our disparate information sources. By consolidating multiple cyber security tech through an informative user-x, 10dot can help you join the dots, and leverage your investment in cyber security for real business benefit.

At 10dot we buck the trends and challenge conventional wisdom. Instead of smoke and mirrors, we give you granular visibility. We chuck out the cookie-cutters and craft bespoke cyber security solutions. No more simple box-dropping, rather, deploying intuitive, end-to-end managed security solutions.

We get this right, so you can thrive in our ecosystem reality.

Visit and see how managed security services can help you lock up and grow your business.