Learning the dance moves from the data.

Cast your mind back to 2010 and consider what you heard about cyber security. Not a whole lot was being said about the topic down here in sunny SA. Security was quietly misunderstood. That was 10 years ago. Fast forward to present day, and it’s now loudly misunderstood. There are

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The 10dot Cyber Security 2017 Forecast

Ever wish you could see into the future? Sure you have. We can. You will be hacked this year. Your servers will be compromised, and your personal and proprietary information posted for all to see. Fact. And we don’t even need a crystal ball to tell you so.Below are some

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2016 in Review – The 10dot Cyber Security Round-up

So, here’s what you didn’t want to be in 2016: Famous. It was fraught with danger last year. As 1st January 2017 rolled on in, there was an audible collective sigh of relief as surviving Hollywood A-listers gave 2016 the finger. They were safe. As business owners, we don’t get

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Don’t begrudge the budget

Network security is an investment in the company’s ability to secure client contracts and grow the business. Network security is probably the most critical element inherent to any network architecture, and yet, so often an after-thought. That is, until the network is breached or Web site is hacked, and data

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