Relevance breed’s relief


What is relevance and how do we define it these days?
I personally believe that necessity breed’s innovation. You need to solve a problem right for your requirements. Solving the problem ensures relevance. The “innovation” lies in the exact manner in which you meet your particular requirements – how you solve the problem “your way”.


That is partly why we have geared 10dot for bespoke cyber security solution crafting. We believe that innovation must trump all. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Relevancy solves for need
Up until now, we’ve all had to buy expensive and disjointed big vendor security tech. Tech that locks you in, and requires 3rd party experts to deploy and manage for you.


We are soon launching our reimagined Gatekeeper Security Manager platform. A platform that solves for scarcity of skills and depth of disparate vendor mix.


It gives you the ability to manage your own security better than the pro’s and doesn’t care what vendor you’re using to secure your perimeter. You can run configuration audits, manage your perimeter security posture, troubleshoot breaches in real time, and run vulnerability scans at the click of a button.


You can now solve for under-utilized skills in your team, complex firewall management stuff and network vulnerability management. Simple and all in one place.


The point I am trying to make is:
Virtual computing, public or private servers, and other cloud technology is all relevant today, and is being used in various ways to create some kind of value. This value needs to be better secured in an innovative and relevant way.


There are a host of ways to prevent cyber breach and mitigate risk: from training employees, to governing access control, employing best-of-breed technology, and keeping firmware up to date.


Doing all this yourself can be daunting, unless you have an integrated ecosystem like Gatekeeper Security Manager to help you. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our products here.


Happy 10dotting!