March 30, 2021

Quick tips: How to manage 3rd parties:

With the latest Equifax hack leaving nearly half of all American citizens exposed – WAKE UP. Stop putting your faith in service providers just ‘coz. They are not the experts. Especially when it comes to cyber security. Why trust a titanic? Just because it’s big? Look what happened there…

It’s time to be personally vigilant and ask the right questions of these platform service providers. It’s time to take personal responsibility. It’s time to hold the keepers of our data to account by insisting on answers to these important questions:
1. What is their patching routine?
2. Who maintains their key infrastructure?
3. How are they monitoring for breach?
4. Who is running their security?
5. Why do they need certain aspects of my personal data?
6. Where is that data stored and how?

Take back control of your personal cyber risk. Don’t become a statistic. If you’re gonna be just a number, be a loo’oong and hard-to-comprehend one.

Crypto your life.

#HackProof your data with 10dot Cloud Security.