March 30, 2021

Meet the fresh tech startup that’s taking on the big ISPs

10dot Cloud Security is a team of cyber security wizards passionate about locking down information networks.

The 10dot team is focused on snubbing out what has become a diluted value proposition in the ISP sector.

“We do things differently. We love shaking the tree. We focus singularly and without apology on network security alone. We know it’s that important,” said Jared van Ast, 10dot Founder & MD.
As part of its Network Security Management solution, 10dot offers a custom-built management dashboard called “Gatekeeper”.

This gives you real-time visibility and control into your network security landscape, performance, and governance off of any web-enabled device. This level of visibility and client ownership over security data is what is needed across every industry in South Africa.

“Gatekeeper is your command centre in the palm of your hand, where you can monitor device performance, run config audits and gain real insight into your security threat (UTM) landscape,” Jared added.

10dot also offers Proserve Advisory Services, where the expert team will guide you in creating and deploying the right network security solution for your business.

The overall 10dot value-set includes Defcon Managed Services, an end-to-end network security management portfolio. This full-spectrum portfolio comprises bundled value from the Gatekeeper dashboard tool, security device procurement and leasing, and professional services – suitable for those who want a specialist to take over all the hassle of managing and securing their network

“With these focused products and services, you can literally see everything that’s going on.
“You can measure and manage your network security landscape, and properly secure and sustain your business,” states Donovan Strapp, 10dot’s Technical Director & Co-Founder.

“With 10dot Cloud Security, you can leave your network security to the experts and focus on growing your core business.”
For more information, visit the 10dot Cloud Security website, and follow them on their social media channels.